Pelmets & Swags

Pelmets are predominately a traditional form of design but are very much back in vogue. They frame the window and give it a distinctive stylish look. We will custom make your pelmets to any shape or size.

We can make scalloped, straight and curved upholstered fitted box pelmets. You can add an over pelmet to a curtain which will move with the curtain. If you have to use a bay rail in a bay window we can make fitted pelmet to suit the contour of your bay. This will disguise the rail and give a very elegant look to the window.

Box pleated pelmets are becoming quite popular, with the inverted box pleat coming from the bottom of the pelmet. Pelmets are a great solution to disguising a rail when a pole can’t be used. Braid, beading or fringing can be added to the pelmets to make them more dramatic.

Swags and tails are the rolls-royce of curtains and add pure elegance, plush and luxury to a room. If you have the right room for them they can look absolutly fabulous. Not every room can take the look of the classic swags and tails. The bigger the room the more glamorous they look. Braid, beads or fringe can be added also to add more luxury. You either love them or you hate them!